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    • Chemical Name: Cyclopentasiloxane, Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, D5 Silicone, D5 Siloxane  IOTA D5 is a volatile polydimethyl cyclosiloxanes, mainly by decamethyl cyclopentasiloxane comp...... View all

    • At present, the daily consumer goods concept pays more and more attention to the naturalness of products and the safety of raw materials. Consumers often raise various concerns and doubts about silico...... View all

    • Strengthen communication and promote development together ——College of automation, Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications and School of intelligent engineering, Chongqing University ...... View all

    • The study of bubbles can be traced back to the time of Plato, but for hundreds of years, people have not formed a unified understanding of the definition of bubbles. American colloid chemist L·I·Osipo...... View all

    • In the presence of gravity and pressure difference, the liquid film of the foam will discharge unevenly, and the gas in the bubble will continue to diffuse and penetrate due to the difference in press...... View all

    • The direct cause of foam is the presence of surfactants, which reduces the surface tension of the solution. Under the combined effect of this reason and the foam attenuation mechanism, different foam ...... View all

    • 1)Physical methods from the physical point of view, the methods for eliminating foam mainly include placing baffles or screens, mechanical stirring, static electricity, freezing, heating, steam, radia...... View all

    • The representative polysiloxane defoaming mechanism mainly includes "bridging-spreading" mechanism, "bridging-dehumidifying" mechanism, "spreading-liquid entrainment" mechanism and so on. The "bridgin...... View all

    • Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber has been widely used as adhesives, sealants, potting and molding materials, and has its uses in various industries. Among them, the reinforcing filler has a...... View all

    • Speaking of silicone and rubber materials, we are very curious about the differences between the two materials. In fact, in most cases, silicone and rubber materials can be used universally, but as th...... View all

    • Explain the core reasons for the decrease in performance of silicone rubber sheet. Do you understand? Rubber and plastic products have aging, and silicone rubber products have outstanding performanc...... View all

    • Silicone material characteristics A. Silicone raw materials are generally gel-like, somewhat similar to plasticine, colorless and translucent, and tasteless. B. Its main characteristics are bot...... View all

    • Liquid silicone material manufacturers Liquid room temperature foamed silica gel is one of the additive silicone rubbers, which belongs to two-component additive silicone rubbers. It consists of two...... View all

    • (1) vulcanizing agent The vulcanizing agents used for thermal vulcanization of silicone rubber mainly include organic peroxides, aliphatic azo compounds, inorganic compounds and high energy radia...... View all

    • Silicone leather


      Silicone leather is a new type of environmental protection leather. Silicone gel is used as raw material. This new material is processed and prepared with superfine fibers, non-woven fabrics and other...... View all

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